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Check list for Documentation

Check list for Documentation
1. Original title deeds in the name of the party.
2. The antecedent title deeds (title deed executed between the vendors of the owner of the said property and the third parties) of the property offered as security by the party, for 30 years (if possible) or 20 years (Certified copy or Original).
3. Encumbrance Certitficate for the said property for 30 years prior to the date of sanction order (the entries of the execution of sale deed and other registered entries should be mentioned in the Encumbrance Certificate) (Original).
4. Valuation certificate of the said property (Original).
5. Patta of the said property.
6. Field measurement book copy (FMB copy) of the said property (Original).
7. Upto date tax paid receipt (Latest tax paid receipt) (Original).
8. Chitta Nagal of the said property (Original).
9. Settlement register copy of the said property.
10. If the properties are agricultural lands, adangal certificate should be produced (Original).
11. Certificate issued by the Village Administrative Officer in order to prove the owners possession over the said property (Original).
12. Legal Heir declaratory decree obtained from the Competent court in Puducherry (for Puducherry property) / Legal heir certificate obtained from Tahsildar, Tamilnadu (for Tamilnadu property) - In case of properties in the name of deceased persons