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Pondicherry Industrial Promotion Development and Investment Corporation

( A Government of Puducherry Undertaking )

PIPDIC at a glance

Date of Incorporation : 17th April 1974
Registered under Companies Act 1956.
Authorised Share Capital - 45 crores .
Paid up capital ` 40.40rores
Government of Pudhucherry ` 31.86 crores
IDBI ` 8.54 crores

Board Managed
Thiru A. NAMASSIVAYAM, Hon'ble Minister for Home, Industries and Commerce Chairman
Secretary to Govt (Finance) Director
Secretary to Govt (Industries) Director
Zonal Manager, Indian Bank Director
Thiru M.Rajendran Director
Thiru Dandabany Tirouvinguidame Director
Thiru P.T. Rudra Goud, Managing Director

* Industrial Finance
* Development of Industrial Estates
* Aiding, counseling, protecting and promoting the interests of Industries in Puducherry

* To Promote sustainable industrialisation in the Union Territory of Puducherry.
* To gainfully utilise the human resource of the territory and maximise employment.
* To improve the standard of living and quality of life of people of the Union Territory.
* To conserve the environment of Puducherry for sustained and rapid industrial growth.
* To participate in the globalisation of the economy with greater exports and imaginative imports.
* To take advantage of the special features of Puducherry including its heritage and culture.
* To ensure balanced industrial development in all the regions of the Union Territory.